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Who is Techcess?

The Team at Techcess have been supplying ‘Talking Technology’ or AAC (Augmentative and Alternative Communication) for their customers for almost a decade. Techcess is known for coming alongside their customers and their support networks and listening to what is important to them and what communication needs they are trying to fulfil.

Not only are the considerations about how to communicate, but also about how to access communication on a device when the customer may have a physical disability that prevents them from using a computer directly.

The Team at Techcess take their time with their customers to ensure that the customers needs are fully understood. Then the customer is given the option to try a product out for free for two weeks to see if it is right for them. The Team at Techcess understand that there is no one product that meets everyone’s needs and that what might be right for one person may not be right for another.

Techcess is passionate about helping their customers find the right equipment for them so as to enhance the customer’s quality of life.

Here are some reasons why you should consider Techcess as your ‘talking technology’ supplier;

  • We are a leading UK based company that has been supplying talking technology for almost ten years. Combined with our sister company and main supplier, Jabbla, we have a collective 35 years of experience in design and supply of this technology.

  • We have an expanding range. We can help you to try out all of the devices available so as to find the right device.

  • We provide a free 2 week loan Ė Try before you buy.

  • We are passionate about providing the best technical support for you.

  • We are a member of the British Healthcare Trades Association and adhere to an approved code of practise by the Trading Standards Institute. You are assured of no pressure selling and are supported in the event of anything that you are uncomfortable with regarding Techcess and its staff.

The Techcess Talking Technology Product Range

Techcess supply one of the widest ranges of AAC devices, from Keyboard Text To Speech devices such as the Allora to high specification PC Access and communication devices for all your computing and communication needs. Techcess can even supply FREE resources and training to support their customers.

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Mind Express Communication Software

Mind Express Communication Devices

Eye Gaze

Post Sales Support at Techcess

Techcess customers have access to comprehensive post sales support from initial set up and training through to unlimited telephone support.

Techcess customers can enjoy the following;

  • Each device comes with a 2 year manufacturer’s warranty.

  • Techcess provides free familiarisation training at point of delivery to each customer should it be required.

  • Video Tutorials on how to use Techcess products via the Techcess website.

  • Free updates of software is standard and the customer has access to a wide range of content resources from the Mind Express resource site to take advantage of.

The team at Techcess are keen to build long term relationships with itís customers so as to ensure the successful use of itís products. If you have any questions please email your questions to sales@techcess.co.uk