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Eurovocs Suite Packaging

Eurovocs Suite

For most people these days, being able to work with a PC is a basic skill. Using the keyboard and mouse is pretty much automatic. Yet for people with a physical disability, using a normal keyboard or ordinary mouse can be difficult or perhaps even impossible. Skippy and KeyVit make computers accessible to them too. Add on the speech function of DocReader and you have a comprehensive communication package; Eurovocs Suite.


Skippy is a word prediction module. As you type, the program predicts words: with a single touch of the keys the rest of the word appears - correctly spelt - on the screen. Skippy predicts words intelligently, based on the previous word, and works from an extensive word list. It also learns new words automatically, keeping pace with the evolving language of each user. Word lists can be easily modified manually.


KeyVit is a virtual keyboard, which appears on the screen and can be operated by mouse, trackball, joystick or scanning. It can be used to operate the mouse across the screen, allowing you to start programs, open files etc. There are different keyboard options including QWERTY, scanning and also the ability to construct your own, allowing for easy personalisation. Windows operations using KeyVit are also possible and can be done by single key scanning if needed.


DocReader is a fully equipped word processor with a highly advanced text to speech engine (RealSpeak™) that reads out words, letters or sentences clearly and comprehensibly. DocReader's voice funtion can also be activated from within other software programs, allowing any piece of text, e-mail or website to be read out. Skippy and KeyVit can both be used within DocReader to give a complete text based communication package.

Minimum PC Specification and System Requirements

Windows PC

Pentium Processor 300MHz or higher

Windows 98 or higher Operating System
32MB RAM Memory
Sound Card - 16 bit or more, which runs under windows applications (for DocReader)

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