Mind Express

Mind Express is intuitive software that helps people to communicate through the use of symbols and text, on hi tech communication devices. People all around the world who live with a communication impairment use Mind Express to make themselves understood, to partake in speech and language therapy or education and to use the internet.

Mind Express can be part of an AAC solution that incorporates computer hardware, the latest access technologies (such as eye gaze, switch or head mouse) and other supporting hardware such as wheelchair mounting solutions. Techcess aims to provide the most effective personalised communication solution for any user using this combination of software and hardware.

How is Mind Express Used?

Mind Express is used within three main contexts;


Mind Express is used within educational and therapeutic environments as a tool to develop communication, literacy and enhance the learning of other subjects


Mind Express is used in the classroom to provide resources for games and activities. Downloadable content is continuously available on the Mind Express Resource Website


Mind Express is being used by speech and language therapists to assess the receptive language capabilities of children who are unable to access conventional assessments due to physical disabilities. Read about CARLA (Computer-based Accessible Receptive Language Assessment)

Who is Mind Express for?

People who use MindExpress solutions are people who want to be understood but are unable to speak due to a medical condition that may have been gained at birth or acquired later in life. Users of Mind Express typically live with conditions such as cerebral palsy, motor neurone disease, autism, traumatic brain injury, stroke, head or neck cancer and Parkinsons disease.