Tellus 5

High specification talking technology and accessible PC for customers who want to communicate as well as use their device for email, browsing and work related tasks.

  • Communicate - Clearly communicate your thoughts and feelings with text or symbols

  • PC Access - Work, play and communicate with this powerful and accessible touch screen PC

  • Promote Independence - Infrared based environmental control for home appliances

Why use a Tellus?

A Tellus is designed for someone with physical and communication disabilities who want to work on an accessible and powerful PC for all their AAC & computing needs.

Matt Gopsill used a Tellus AAC device to complete his MSc at De Montfort University

Matt has used a Tellus for many years to support him through school and university to not only communicate but to be able to perform computing tasks. More recently Matt was awarded his MSc in Computing which he completed using his Tellus.

Living with Cerebral Palsy causes some physical disability for Matt but with the use of head switches, Matt is able to complete tasks on his Tellus whether they are emails, browsing the internet or using the processing power of his device to do complicated computer calculations for his research work.

Matt’s Recent Achievements

  • To date - Stock car racing, helicopter flights and scuba diving

  • 2012 - Carried the Olympic Flame along Abbey Park Road, Leicester in a relay with Gary Lineker

  • 2015 - Matt is awarded an MSc In Computing at De Montfort University

  • 2015 - Matt writes the Disability Tech Hub website to provide a forum for disabled people to share information on disability products

Matt’s advice for new ‘talking technology’ users?

“Have a go and don’t worry about breaking it!”

Pictures of Matt Gopsill showing his work on his Tellus from his MSc allowing disabled people to virtually explore college campuses and other public spaces.

Technical features of the Tellus 5

  • Bright & clear 13.3” LED capacitive touch display enhanced for outdoor viewing

  • New forward facing camera for head control & Skyping

  • Digital audio with amplified stereo speakers

  • Fast processor, silent device - Intel®Core™ i5 passively cooled. Solid state hard drive for fast boot times.

  • Eye Gaze compatible

  • Can be used with one or two switches or with head movement

  • Powered by Mind Express 4

  • Infrared based environmental control for home appliances

  • Text message and phone call capable via Android mobile phones. Phone call capable on iPhone. Please check compatibility with Techcess before purchase.