The Grid

The Grid 2 by Sensory Software

The Grid 2 enables a Windows-based computer to be used as a communication device using text or symbols with speech output using Acapela voice. The Grid 2 can be accessed using switches, touchscreen, a traditional mouse or mouse alternative. 

The Grid - SymbolsThe Grid - Symbols

The Grid - Symbols

Symbol Communication

As a symbol communication program, The Grid 2 enables you to build sentences and speak phrases by selecting symbols. A number of ready-made grid sets/vocabularies are available  to match the user’s literacy skills: from a very simple set of words or phrases, to thousands of words arranged topically. The grids can be customised and expanded, or you can create your own system from scratch.
Rebus symbols are included with The Grid 2 and PCS symbols are also available. Photographs can be imported.

The Grid - KeyboardThe Grid - Keyboard

The Grid - Keyboard

Text Communication

For text-based communication The Grid 2 has an intelligent prediction system which helps you finish words and type quickly and accurately, learning your most commonly used words and giving them higher priority. Messages can be stored for later recall. Text can be input via a standard or adapted keyboard, an on-screen keyboard or a grid containing words or phrases. The on-screen keyboard offers flexibility of layout  eg a standard qwerty layout, an alphabetical layout, frequency-of-use etc. Cell sizes can also be adjusted to suit.

The Grid 2 can also be used to send and receive email and sms messages, browse the web, listen to music as well as for access to most Windows applications.

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