Welcome to Zingui 2

Zingui 2 is a quick and handy communication
device (AAC) for young people in Key Stage 2
and beyond, who are mobile and need support
with speech and language skills.

The Zingui 2 is designed to make it easy to access digitally recorded
speech, or speech generated from text or symbols making it a great companion
for developing relationships at school or beyond.

Communicate with eddy

Clearly express your thoughts and feelings with
digitally recorded voices, text and symbols to speech.

Early Independence

Communicate out and about and take pictures.
Great for social storytelling.

Be Confident

Charge at night and use all day. Tap to wake.
Zingui 2 will be there for you.


Benefits of using Zingui 2:

Full focus on communication.

Zingui 2 is a dedicated AAC device, designed to support users' speech and language.

Be heard, loud & clear!

Zingui 2’s onboard speakers make sure that you get your message understood.

Take the conversation anywhere.

Inside or outside the Zingui 2’s bright screen can be seen anywhere and the device is built to be robust.

Compatible with EDDY

Zingui 2 is compatible with EDDY, Jabbla’s wireless text display. Enabling the user to have private conversations and helps with being heard in the classroom.


Other features:

What’s in the box?

  • Zingui AAC Device

  • Carry case + belt

  • Power adapter + cable

  • USB 2 cable

  • USB stick

  • USB adapter cable for stick

  • Mind Express (CD)

  • Manual for Zingui

  • Manual for Mind Express

  • Mouse

  • Keyboard

COST: £2870 +VAT

  • Make calls and send text messages using a companion app on Android phones

  • Remotely control appliances in the home

  • Zingui 2 can be mounted on a wheelchair..

Technical specifications:

  • DISPLAY: 8” WVGA, high brightness, capacitive touch screen

  • CAMERA: Rear facing camera

  • AUDIO: Digital audio, integrated stereo speakers, high recording quality, headphone jack

  • SOFTWARE: Mind Express 4

  • SPEECH OUTPUT: BrightSpeech (Acapela)

  • WEIGHT: 1lbs 14oz or 850g

  • DIMENSIONS: L x W x D: 218.5 x 138.5 x 23.2 mm

  • I/O: USB port, WebCam, IR environmental control, 2 switch inputs for scanning, programmable switch.

  • BATTERY LIFE: All day use when charged overnight.

  • COMPATIBLE WITH THE EDDY: second wireless display.